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U3-X Price

 At this point, Honda has no immediate plans to commercialize the U3-X but also doesn't rule it out. It's ultimately possible that it could build them in-house just as it now does with solar panels, or it could license the technology to another company. The closest thing to a price maybe the Segway I2 Personal Transporter, it  goes for $5,699.00, the Segway I180 Human Transporter goes for $4,499.00. Honda will have to price the U3-X to be in this price range just to compete with the segway.

honda u3x dream

The U3-X price has not been announced yet. What would you pay?


i2 transporter by segway

The price of the Segway i2 Personal Transporter goes for around $5,699.00.



i180 series segway

The price of the Segway i180 Human Transporter goes for around $4,499.00. You can even personalize it with your favorite color.

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