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The Honda U3-X

 From Honda Motor Company, the maker of Honda Motorcycles, Honda Generators, and Honda Cars comes the innovative U3-X. People will love this new product, it will become a household name like the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. The worlds first glance came at the 2009 Tokyo Motor show unveiling the omnidirectional Segway-style unicycle. The U3-X is a compact device that fits comfortably between the rider's legs and provides movement in all directions. The self-balancing uni-cycle from Honda weighs less than

The Honda U3-X

10Kg, the 24 by 12 by 6 inch U3-X runs for an hour. Like the Segway and Hands Free Transporter, the U3-X’s speed is adjusted by shifting body weight, though the U3-X adds a whole new dimension in that it doesn’t just go backwards and forwards – it goes sideways, thanks to an ingenious omni-directional wheel system which Honda has dubbed its “HOT Drive System” which is short for Honda Omni Traction Drive System


HOT Drive System (Omni-directional driving wheel system):
 Honda developed the world's first wheel structure which enables movement in all directions including forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally. Multiple small-diameter motor-controlled wheels were connected in-line to form one large-diameter wheel. By moving the large-diameter wheel, the device moves forward and backward, and by moving small-diameter wheels, the device moves side-to-side. By combining these movements the device moves diagonally.

World's first drive system that enables movement in all directions

Hot Drive System


Specifications of the Honda  U3-X

  • Length x Width X Height(mm)        315 X 160 X 650
  • Weighth                                         less than 10 kg
  • Battery Type                                  Lithium ion battery
  • Operation time (with fully charged battery)  1 hour


Honda U3-x Photos

 Honda's keen to point out that the 22-pound U3-X is ultra-portable and easy to use, with fold away footrests and seat cushions. A single, lithium ion battery powers the electric motors up to one hour and the maximum speed is just a few ticks under four MPH.





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