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Honda Wave
Honda Wave 125CC

Honda's newest scooter model, Wave110i AT.

Honda WaveHonda Wave series also called the Honda NF 100, Honda Innova, Honda Supra, started production in 1995. The Wave comes with three displacement options - 100cc, 110cc and 125cc. In addition to the three models that use carburetors, Honda also produces the fuel-injection model, the first underbone that uses fuel injection.  Starting from 2007, the Honda Innova 125 in Europe began using fuel injection  system to replace the carburetors used by most of the Honda Wave series.

Main features of the Wave:

  • Under-seat storage compartment (known as U-box by Honda)
  • Front disc brake (standard for 125cc model; optional for 100cc and 110 cc model)
  • Roller-bearing rocker arms to reduce friction at the rocker arms (125cc model only)
  • Heavy-duty ceramic coated piston (125cc model only)
  • Fuel Injection (Wave 125i only)
  • Digital odometer and fuel tank (standard for 125cc model in certain countries like Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia only)
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